Many women conduct research online about different hairstyles and hair colour trends etc. They conduct searches for the best salons and check for answers to some of the queries they have about hair care and styling. Everyone has different types of hair quality and texture and that also means it has to be treated differently.

If you regularly go to a particular salon, your hair stylist there would be able to provide you with all the answers you need about hair treatments and style etc. Here is a list of questions you should be asking your hair stylist, as you may not be able to find the answers to these, on the Internet:

#1 What kind of shampoo & conditioner will suit my hair?

It’s true that branded hair products indicate what type of hair they will be suitable for. However, your hair stylist will be able to provide specific advice and tell you what will be best-suited for your hair. Regardless of whether you have frizzy hair, damaged or coloured hair or have split-ends, the kind of shampoo & conditioner you utilize can make a significant difference to its health and appearance.

#2 How often should I actually wash my hair?

Though we don’t always recommend that you wash your hair every single day, it’s important to keep in mind that every type of hair is different and in case you have oily hair, it might be best to shampoo it every day. Your hair stylist will be able to judge what will suit your hair the best.

#3 How can I style my hair with its original texture, for the best effect?

While it can be a bit of a challenge to play up stick straight hair or one that is wavy, there are a number of products & tools that can help for different types of hair, such as diffusers. You should make it a point to ask your stylist about how you can style your hair in the healthiest way.

#4 Are there any special treatments that can add some life to my hair?

No matter whether you are looking for something that will help repair damaged hair, or a treatment that will add gloss to your hair, or straighten it, you should check with your stylist about which treatment will work best for you, and use that the next time you go in to the salon.

#5 Which hairstyle will suit my face shape the best?

Many women create ‘Hair Inspiration’ boards on Pinterest, but are unable to decide which one will suit their face shape the best. Speak with your stylist about your face shape and hair texture and the amount of maintenance you are able and willing to commit to, on a daily basis. This will help you get a much better idea about the kind of haircut that will suit you best.

#6 How best can I maintain my hair colour at home?

It’s not a good idea to keep vacillating between box hair colour and the salon. However, there are times when you might want to touch up the roots a bit, at home. You should check with your stylist about which products would be the best to use. It’s important that you don’t mix any incompatible chemicals with each other.

#7 Which colour would look best on me?

There is no fixed answer to this question and the answer may vary dependent on the season. Hair tends to get far lighter during the summer and darkens in the winter. So it’s best to check with your stylist about which colour would work for you, apart from your natural hair colour. The idea is that the transition should look good on you.

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