When it comes to making a fashion statement, opting for a two-tone hair colour can make a marked difference to the way you look and feel. It’s an amazing way to experiment with stunning hair colours. There are a number of ways in which you can use this effect, regardless of whether you are looking to create an outrageous look or are aiming for a more everyday hair style.

How to choose two colours

Two-tone hair colour can be an excellent look for various reasons. Firstly, it looks unique in comparison to just a single colour and it adds a certain amount of depth to your hairstyle. Apart from this, it adds visual body to thinning hair as it helps make the hair appear thicker. Choosing a dual-tone hair colour is about opting for a more dramatic and bold look and is an interesting option instead of hair lowlights and highlights. You can also experiment with alternative and punk hairstyles.

When you are deciding on which colours to use for your 2-toned look, the major consideration has to be contrast. This is a much more dramatic style compared to pairing dark and light shades such as the more common bright blond-layers over brunette hair.

When you are looking for the correct hair colour, it’s important that you take certain factors into consideration, such as:

  • Your skin tone
  • Cool shades or warm shades
  • Your natural hair shade
  • Personal style preferences as well

Different 2-tone styles

Ideally, the colours you opt for should be from a single colour family as that helps coordinating them well even while they provide the contrast you need. There are 3 basic styles of 2-tone hair:

Top & Bottom Layers

The most popular option of 2-tone colour is fully-coloured top & bottom layers. In this particular style, the lower layers will be a very different tone compared to the upper layers that will be coloured in a base shade. In most instances, the upper layers of hair are coloured in a lighter shade, while the lower layer is coloured in a darker shade. However, you can make a choice according to your preference.

Coloured Tips

If your hair is styled with a razor cut, tapered ends, layers or fun flips, you can add a funky/contrasting hair colour to the tips of your hair. You can decide whether you want to colour just an inch or two of the hair tips or want to extend that up further, to create a layered, tow-toned look.

Chunks & Stripes

This is a very quick way to add a 2nd hair colour. You can opt for colour chunks/stripes for the hair that frames your face and it’s a perfect effect for bangs.

Popular 2-Tone Colour Combinations

You can get as creative as you like with your 2-tone hair colours; however, here are some popular combinations:

  • Dark chocolate and caramel
  • Platinum & black
  • Auburn & black
  • Eggplant, burgundy/bright-red along with dark brown
  • Platinum & ash blond
  • Purple and blue
  • Light copper & dark auburn

Two tone hair colour looks very distinctive and appealing, and the one way to get it right is to consult your hair colourist. They would be able to help you decide which colour combination suits your skin tone and hairstyle the best. If you have some specific ideas and requirements, you can discuss those with your colourist.

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