There are a range of hair colour removers. Some can be easily purchased over the counter; however for others, you’d have to visit a professional hair colourist at a salon. The approach and technique used will be dependent on the amount of colour that has to be removed. Here’s some more information about when you would need to remove hair colour, the different types available etc.:

When would you need to remove hair colour

Salon error

If you find that your salon has coloured your hair just a shade too dark, you might want to tone it down a bit. If you have visited a credible and well-established salon, they would typically provide this service at no additional cost.

At-home mistakes

There are times when some women end up colouring their hair on an impulse. Maybe the shade went terribly wrong, or they just chose a colour that was too whimsical and later felt it did not suit them. At times like these, they might want to consider removing the hair colour.

Need a change

If you are actually a redhead or have blonde hair; had opted for a gothic look for a number of years and are looking for a change of hair colour, you would first have to remove the existing colour, before you can actually start over.

Before you use any hair colour at home, or request an excessively-dark shade at your salon, or even commit to any outrageous hue, it best to consider whether you might regret the decision later. It can be quite difficult to use hair colour removal products effectively. At times, the treatment can be damaging to your hair and expensive too. Make a prudent choice with your hair colour; this will help avoid problems at a later stage.

There are 3 main types of colour removers

#1 Harsh Detergents

This type of remover is extremely cheap & quite an easy method of lightening freshly-coloured hair; you can get a shade that’s about ½ to 1 shade lighter, using this method. Some women use this because it’s very easy to grab some laundry/washing detergent, lather it up 3 times and then rinse it with warm water. While this method may give you the colour results you desire, the harsh detergents will have a negative impact on the quality of your hair.

#2 Hair Bleaching Products

It’s the same with various OTC hair bleaching products. These are extremely effective in removing unwanted colour & tones from your hair, but they too can be extremely harsh. Based on the colour that has to be removed, you may use a bleach shampoo mixture to remove the colour; this is the gentlest approach; however, a full-strength bleach stripper might require many applications and it will have to be toned with some other colour. It’s important that you never use any type of household bleach on your hair. Look for special formulations instead.

#3 Shrinking Treatments

These are typically the healthiest choice for various hair colour mistakes, and you would be able to get these only at specialty salons. These treatments work by mixing 2 components that are first applied to the hair and they need a certain amount of heat to very slowly shrink the colour from your hair.

You would have to make at least a few visits to the salon, for best results. This treatments tends to be more expensive than any other you might use; however since the results are conditioned, you get hair that’s healthy and of the colour you desire.

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