If you are considering colouring your hair, it’s a good idea to get a hair colour consultation. Regardless of whether you are getting your hair coloured for the first time, or have been colouring your hair for a very long time and want to experiment with your look, you can definitely benefit from this service.

Why is a hair consultation important?

It’s not uncommon for hair colour jobs to go awry, and we all have either heard of these horror stories or have been subjected to an experience like this at some point of time. Hair colouring goof-ups can be extremely embarrassing and at times, can also make a person stay indoors for a number of days. The good news is that a skilled hair colourist can fix the worst hair disasters. It’s just a matter of conducting a bit of research and finding a hair colourist that has the skill to and is willing to do the job.

However, this situation is altogether avoidable; all you have to do is opt for a hair colouring consultation. If you have never coloured your hair in the past, it’s crucial that you get a consultation. It can help prevent disasters and gives you an idea about which hair colour will complement you the best. It also smoothens the path for any future hair colouring appointments.

Different types of consultations

It’s a fact that colour consultations aren’t a new concept; however, over the years, just as there has been an immense change in the technology used in the manufacture of hair colour, there are also a number of new methods available via which you can get some hair colouring advice, right in the comfort of your home. However, most people are far more comfortable with walking into their salon for a standard hair colour consultation with their hair colourist. The different types of consultations you can choose from are:

Hair Colour Simulations

Today, most of the leading salons offer computerised hair colour consultations; this makes it possible for you to see how you would look after you have coloured or styled your hair. This is also referred to as virtual hair colouring, and it gives people the opportunity to test a number of different colours and then determine which hue suits them the best. People that haven’t ever coloured their hair in the past, find this service to be particularly beneficial.

Online Consultations

If you are just too busy and are unable to find the time to consult a hair colourist at a salon, an online consultation is the perfect solution for you. It’s effortless, simple and quick and the only thing you need is an Internet connection. You will find that a number of hair salons now offer this service to cater to their busy clientele.

Traditional Consultation

A large majority of people are most comfortable with a regular in-salon consultation. Here, an experienced and expert colourist will examine your hair and then help you ascertain which colours will be the best suited for your features and skin colour.

The colourist will also ask you a few questions such as the type of colour you’re looking for and whether you are looking for a very dramatic change or a more subtle one, or whether you want lowlights or highlights etc.

In addition, the texture of your hair will be evaluated and they will also make note of whether there are any greys in your hair. The colourist will recommend various hair products that you can use at home to effectively maintain the colour and styling. At this point, you should also discuss things like the amount you are willing to spend etc.

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