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Contrary to what the name suggests, relaxed hair undergoes a considerable amount of stress. It’s the process of removing the natural curled texture of the hair through different straightening tools and chemicals. It requires a lot of aftercare and conditioning to remain healthy and in good shape. Here are some tips on how to take care of your relaxed hair so that it’s not damaged further.

#1 Wash only Once or Twice Week

This might be unpleasant to most people, but it will help preserve the health and texture of your hair. The natural oils from the scalp would keep the hair from drying out and minimise the damage. Frequent washing and heat drying will strip the hair of natural oils and cause dryness and frizzy hair.

#2 Use Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

You don’t want to add more chemicals to already chemically-treated hair. Sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners are gentle on relaxed hair and will help it stay healthy. They won’t cause excessive dryness that can damage the hair and make it look frayed. Natural and sulphate-free shampoos will clean the hair without stripping it completely of its natural oils.

#3 Condition

You should never skip conditioning after you wash relaxed hair, even if you’re in a hurry. In fact, it’s better to skip the hair wash entirely and use dry shampoos instead of shampooing without conditioning. When you condition your hair, leave the product in for 10 minutes as that would allow it to sink into the strands. You can use a protein-based conditioner once a month to protect your hair.

#4 Limit Heat Styling

Everyone knows that heat styling can dry out hair and even well-conditioned and natural hair isn’t immune to this effect. Your chemically-treated relaxed hair would look even more damaged after heat styling, even if you use heat-protecting mists and serums beforehand. If you have the time, let your hair air-dry in order avoid heat damage. You can also blow dry after letting your hair air dry partially to minimise exposure to heat.

#5 Nourish the Scalp

A healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair so take care to nourish the scalp as much as you can. You can use home-made packs of hair oils with a few drops of essential oils in them. You can also purchase hair masks and serums that will soothe your dry and irritated scalp. Let the product sink into the scalp before you wash it off. This would really help in keeping your hair healthy and glossy.

#6 Trim the Hair Regularly

Trim any dry split-ends and remove uneven growth to ensure your hair remains healthy and grows at a steady pace. If you trim every 2 to 3 months, your hair will be manageable and attractive without any frayed edges.

#7 Use Protective Styling

It’s tempting to wear sleek and straight hair down every day but that can only add to the damage. There are many protective hairstyles that look great but will help limit hair fall and dryness. You can try loose braids, buns, weaves, twists, etc., to keep your hair up and wrapped comfortably. This will protect your relaxed hair from the elements outdoors and minimise friction, pulling, and tugging.

#8 Don’t Relax Hair too Often

It’s a good idea to give your hair a break between treatments. If you overprocess your hair, you’ll damage it irreparably and would have to wait until all of the damaged section is replaced by new hair. Make sure there are at least 10 weeks between touch-ups in order to protect your hair.

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