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A bad haircut is immediately noticeable because it draws attention to features that you want to disguise rather than highlight. It’s not uncommon for people to get a bad haircut because it looked good on someone with similar hair texture or face shape. Fortunately, a bad cut isn’t the end of the world and there are many things you can do to disguise it and grow it out.

#1 Talk to Your Stylist Immediately

Sometimes people don’t immediately inform the stylist that they don’t like their haircut and leave the salon disappointed and frustrated. This doesn’t help you or the stylist as they don’t understand your preferences and can’t improve their skills without proper feedback. If you’re dissatisfied with your haircut, inform the stylist immediately and explain what you don’t like about it. They might be able to fix the problem or recommend ways to style around it. Most stylists will be perfectly willing to help, but you can always speak to the manager about it.

#2 Remember that Your Hair Will Grow Out

Your hair will grow out quicker than you anticipate it to; and in no time, you will have enough length to rectify the mistake. You don’t need to be overly worried about a poor haircut because there are many ways to disguise it or work around it through styling, accessories, and products. While it would require a little effort and time, you might find a style that flatters you despite the bad haircut.

#3 Try Different Hair Styles

You can always play with the texture and style of your hair. For example, if your hair is cut too short and looks flat, add volume to it with a curling iron or a texturising spray. Just a few curls can turn a flat bob into a sophisticated and attractive style that flatters your face. If the short length makes your hair puffy and messy, straighten it with a flat iron and add hairspray to hold the style in place. You can enjoy a sleek cut that slims down your face and looks modern.

#4 Change the Colour

Sometimes changing the colour can make a difference as well. You could darken or lighten your hair, choose a bold colour like red, purple, or blue, or even try balayage with interesting colours like lilac, rose, red, or silver. Odd and interesting colours are the latest trend in balayage and can be very flattering on all kinds of hair, whether it’s short or long.

#5 Experiment with Accessories

If you want to hide your bad cut, you can always try accessories like hats, scarves, bandanas, and hair bands. If you’re bold and have the patience to learn, you can also try out different styles of braids. A great braid will immediately draw attention away from a poor haircut, especially if it’s intricate and woven well.

#6 Extensions are a Blessing

If you absolutely can’t stand short hair, you can easily add length with extensions. Professionally applied extensions will blend in seamlessly with your hair, especially if you choose the right colour. They will add volume and good texture as well so your hair will look good. If the stylist can’t attach the extensions, you can always wear a wig until your hair grows to a reasonable length.

#7 Maintain a Good Diet and Take Care of Your Hair

Good nutrition and hair care will make your hair grow faster so get vitamin supplements and use hair masks, serums, or oils in your hair to encourage growth. Massaging the scalp gently will also help.

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