A great haircut is never a matter of chance; it takes an expert hairstylist to create stunning haircuts that will have finesse and style. While most people do go to a salon to get their hair cut and styled, some also prefer to do this on their own. Regardless of the length of your locks, there are certain hair-cutting tricks that can ensure you have a great style every single time.

Basic techniques to cut hair

Regardless of the style you are attempting to achieve, there are certain basic hair-cutting techniques that have to be followed. It’s generally much easier to cut wet hair as it makes the fly-away strands more manageable. If your hair isn’t totally wet from shampooing, your hair stylist will spray water from a bottle to dampen it well.

It’s important that hair be free of products and very clean, before you cut it. If you want a layered style, your hair will have to be trimmed in successive layers, as this protects the integrity of the style.

Cut & Colour Techniques

  • If your hair is to be coloured in the course of the same appointment, there is a possibility that the colouring will be done before the haircut. This permits the colour to set and if there are any uneven spots near the hair-ends, they will automatically be trimmed when the hair is cut. This approach is far more convenient as hair is generally wet while cutting, while colour is always applied to dry hair.
  • Every hairstylist has a specific approach to their work. At times, they may apply colour to highlight some of the features of the hairstyle. Some colourists find it easier to apply the hair colour after the hair cut, as that helps the stylist target the segments that enhance your haircut.
  • Some salons charge for their hair colouring service based on the length of the hair. In that case, the colouring may be done post the hair cut. If the client’s hair going to be cut really short, it may benefit her to get the haircut first.


When should you get your hair cut?

Regardless of your hair type, it’s important that it be trimmed to keep it looking great. If you have a shorter hairstyle, you would have to trim it more frequently as any hair growth will be quickly noticeable. Typically, you should trim short hair every four to six weeks. If you have a longer hair style, you can trim it every eight to ten weeks.

However, longer hair does tend to get quickly damaged and can easily develop split ends; if this happens, you will have to trim it more frequently. In case you are planning on getting an entirely new hairstyle, it’s best not to get this done just before any special occasion like a wedding, engagement, prom etc., where you know that photographs are going to be taken, just in case the haircut doesn’t turn out as you expected it to.

You could also try to gradually change to a new style. So, for instance, if you have very long hair, you might want to try a medium-length hair style before moving onto a very short haircut. This will help you get used to your new look.

Why opt to get your hair cut from professionals?

Professional stylists have the knowledge, expertise and experience to style their client’s hair based on different face shapes, individual preferences and hair lengths etc. It’s why many people prefer to get their hair cut from professional stylists. Simple and basic haircuts can be very economical; however, if the hair cutting involves any type of elaborate styling such as waves, perms etc., the cost can be higher. The pricing will be dependent on the length of the hair and the type of treatment required.

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