Creative Director

Leading the way at Voila Hair & Beauty with over 25 years’ experience is the managing owner, Carole Jordan. With extensive international experience and participation in fashion week events, a service with Carole is a must. Carole leads a busy and full life filled with love and happiness from her beautiful son Jacques. Always on the go, Carole does not think of her business as work as she gets a kick out of making people feel fantastic. Carole is grateful to do the work she does and is thankful for the overwhelming amount of support she has received from her treasured clientele. Always looking to improve, Carole is open to any new ideas or feedback you may have. A typical service with Carole will include advice on how to maintain healthy hair at home. Carole believes that the benefits of looking after yourself (starting with your hair) can set the right intention for creating awareness and balance in your life.

Her caring nature is evident through her work and reflected in her genuine, diverse team of stylists. They complement each other perfectly, please read on to find out more.